Muslim in America: Prayer – Photo Essay by Brad Horrigan

Muslim in America: Prayer – Photo Essay by Brad Horrigan

Mechanic Yakup Uzun, owner of Uzun Auto in West Haven, breaks for prayer during his work day in a room adjacent to the garage.

Not only do devout Muslims pray five times daily, but they aim to keep Allah in their hearts and minds trouhout the day as well. these photographs are centered around prayer and religious holidays.

Ali Elb dries off after “making wudu” in the lower level of Masjid al-Islam. It is mandatory for Muslims to “make wudu” or wash up, before praying.

Hundreds of local Muslims pray at Coxe Cage during Eid ul-Fitr prayer.

Yale-New Haven Hospital personal care assistant Rajeeyah Haneef prays in a lounge on her break.

Heavy Jummah turnout, the Friday midday prayer, forced some to pray in the New Haven Islamic Center’s parking lot.

Source: Brad Horrigan


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