Refugees of The #Nakba

Refugees of The #Nakba

15 May marks 67 years since the Nakba or “catastrophe”, the date that Palestinians mark the formation of the State of Israel and the expulsion of 800,000 from their homes and into a life as refugees. A life which for many has remained unchanged.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has raged since 1948 with Palestinians being denied their basic human rights, unable to access medical care, education or access their land or families. For those in the Gaza Strip life has been dictated by the eight year old siege which restricts movement in and out of the enclave as well as fishing rights.

There are now 12.1 million Palestinians around the world of which 5.4million are refugees. Here MEMO looks at where they live and how their life has been affected by the seven decade long conflict.

  • 1,258,559 live in 8 camps in Gaza
  • 762,288 live in 19 camps in the West Bank
  • 526,744 live in 12 camps in Syria
  • 449,957 live in 12 camps in Lebanon
  • 2,097,338 live in 10 camps in Jordan
  • 300,000 are internally displaced in Israel










Source: MEMO | Photo: Mohammed Asad


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